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Gyno-Pevaryl ® Cream

Fungicidal for vulvo-vaginal mycoses.

Ingredient: Econazole nitrate 1% (50mg)
Multinational Partner: Janssen-Cilag
Launch Date: July 1, 2002
Pack: Cream 40g with applicator

Product General

Disease Area

Vulvovaginal Mycoses, an extremely widespread infection 75 % of the women. 40-50 % of the women have at least 2-3 episodes of vaginitis during their life 10 to 20 % of the women suffer from a repeating vaginal candidosis (either 4 episodes per annum or more), 20 % of the patients are the carrying asymptomatic ones (these patients should not be treated)

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Vaginal Cream: 100 g of cream contains 1.00 g econazole nitrate.

50 mg Ovules: 1 ovule contains 50.0 mg econazole nitrate.

150 mg Ovules: 1 ovule contains 150.0 mg econazole nitrate.

150 mg Depot Ovules: 1 ovule contains 150 mg micronized econazole nitrate.

Combination Packs: Ovules & Vaginal Cream For excipients, see List of Excipients.


GYNO-PEVARYL® is indicated for the treatment of vulvovaginal mycoses and mycotic balanitis.

Q & A
Why Econazole as active ingredient?

because Fungicidal, Bactericidal & Sporicidal

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