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What is Dementia?

Dementia is one of the rapidly growing health care problems, which affects the brain. It is a progressive illness where impairment of most aspects of brain functions takes place. It can affect memory, thinking, and actions. People at any age can develop dementia. However it is much more common in elderly especially in women.

Causes and Risk Factors:

Genetic factors, aging, head trauma, occlusion of the blood vessels supplying the brain (infarcts), or brain haemorrhage (decreases oxygen and nutrition to brain cells).

People with Dementia suffer from:

Progressive memory loss, inability to concentrate and to solve problems, disorientation (of people, place, and time), disturbances in sleep, language impairment (inability to read, write, and speak properly), and even personality changes.

Take Care!

Never assume that confusion, disorientation or memory loss is normal. You have to tell your doctor about any changes you feel.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

It is important to have a proper diagnosis as there are many causes of memory loss other than dementia. After diagnosis, the goal of treatment is to control its symptoms and to treat the cause.

Your doctor will provide you with suitable medications and advice, which you should follow.

How to cope with Dementia to lead a normal life?

Dementia is an illness which will gradually affect your life, as well as your family members' lives. It is important to know that you are not alone, people around you are willing to help; your family, friends, health and social workers. Always remember that you are not helpless.

There are many positive steps which can help you to cope with the condition, here are some of these steps:

  • Make a routine for yourself.
  • Write things down.
  • Keep important things in one place.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help.
  • Keep up your social life.
  • Hang on to your personal intersets and hobbies.

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