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Our Mission

Striking the balance between Innovative and Affordable medicines

With half a century of experience and regional leadership in the pharmaceutical industry, MINAPHARM is constantly striving to provide innovative quality medicines and services to patients in developing countries so they, too, can get a timely benefit from the latest advances in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical research technologies. To achieve its mission and strategic goals, MINAPHARM exploits a robust research and development platform combined with strategic multi-alliances involving industry players at the forefront of the latest pharmaceutical technologies, marketing and management techniques.

This way has further enabled the establishment of specialized lines, embracing innovative and affordable products and services in the fields of Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, and Uro-gynaecology.

Historical Background


MINAPHARM is an Egyptian pharmaceutical company backed by more than fifty years of prominent existence in the local Egyptian pharmaceutical market. During the 50's, the first privately owned Factory in Egypt "Heliopolis Pharmaceutical Laboratories" was established. By the 60's, nationalization took place and MINAPHARM stopped its activity. During the 80's, the idea of reestablishment of MINAPHARM was revived, followed by the actual start of operation of MINAPHARM and building MINAPHARM factory in 10th of Ramadan city in 1992.

Company Overview

Our strategic multi-alliances with world leaders in their specialties is the basis of our regional leadership. Probably the fastest growing producer of prescription drugs in the region, an exceptionally strong financial position, leaders recognized for innovative thinking and robust market presence. State-of-the-art pharmaceutical technology aligned with recent advances in information technology prop up our specialized and comprehensive program that holds the promise of creating extra-ordinary value for patients, pharmacists, share holders and employees alike.


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Office Address

El-Bardissi St., 2T Takseem Asmaa Fahmy St., Heliopolis,
Cairo - Egypt.
Phone:(+202) 2414-3170/1/2/3/4/5
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