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Pevaryl Cream

Fungicidal, Bactericidal & Sporicidal for skin infections.

Ingredient: Econazole Nitrate 1%
Multinational Partner: Janssen-Cilag
Launch Date: June 1, 1997
Pack: Skin Cream (tube of 15 g)

Product General

Disease Area

Pathogenic keratinophillic fungal attacks of keratinous structure (skin, hair & nail), due to fungi ability to use keratin, causing ring worm disease or tinea.

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Active substance:

Econazole nitrate 1% = 1-[2-(2,4dichlor - phenyl)-2-(4-chlorbenzyloxy)-ethyl]midazol nitrate.


  1. Dermatomycoses caused by:
    • Derrnatophytes
    • Yeasts Candida albicans Rhodotorula Candida guilliermondii Malassezia furfur Torulopsis etc. Moulds
  2. Skin infections caused by gram -positive Pathogens 
    • Streptococci
    • Staphylococci
    • Nocardia minutissima
  3. Otitis externa mycotica - mycosis of the auditory canal Contraindications None of record Tolerance and side effects PEVARYL is readily tolerated even by sensitive skins. Local irritations are extremely infrequent and may occur for example t on eczematous skin areas. In such cases it is advisable to apply an antieczematous therapy a few days prior to treatment with PEVARYL.

Application and dosage:

(unless otherwise prescribed by the physician) PEVARYL is applied to the affected skin regions in the morning and evening and, using a finger, lightly massaged into the skin. Intertriginous areas (e. g., interdigital spaces , gluteal folds) in an oozing state should initially be kept dry with strips of gauze or gauze bandage. In the treatment of onychomycoses the use of occlusive dressings is recommended. PEVARYL (Spray- ) Powder is used to support the PEVARYL Skin Cream, (Spray-) Solution and Skin Lotion therapy, as well as for follow-up and prophy-Lactic treatment. In cases of intertrigo , for example, the application of PEVARYL in powder from alone may be sufficient.

Q & A
Why Econazole as active ingredient?

Because Econazole is Fungicidal, Sporicidal & Bactericidal.

Why Cream?

It have a rapid drying effect and does not stain.

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