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DICYNONE ® 250/ 500 mg Tablets

Dicynone is the reliable Anti hemorrhagic for capillary bleeding.

Ingredient: Ethamsylate
Multinational Partner: OM Pharma
Launch Date: January 1, 1980
Pack: 20 tablets

Product General

Disease Area

Hemostasis: Prevents loss of blood in three phases:

1- The vascular phase: Immediate temporary closure of a blood vessel by contraction of vascular smooth muscles.

2- The platelet phase: Formation of a platelet plug by platelet adhesion and aggregation

3- The coagulation phase: For a large blood clot formation by the network of fibrin from fibrinogen. A large number of steps involving many factors are required, some of which require thrombin and Ca++.

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DICYNONE Each 2 ml ampoule contains: dlethylammonium 1,4 dihydroxybenzenesulfonate (INN, etamsylate) 250 mg, antiox. (E 223) 0.8 mg. Each tablet contains: diethylammonium 1,4 dihydroxybenzenesuffonate (INN, etamsylate) 250 mg. DICYNONE 500 Each tablet contains: diethylammonium 1,4 dihydroxybenzenesulfonate (INN, etamsylate) 500 mg. antlox. (E 221).


In surgery: Prevention and treatment of per- or postsurgical oozing in all delicate operations and in those affecting highly vascularized tissues: E.N.T., gynecology, obstetrics, urology, odontostomatology, ophthal¬mology, plastic and reconstructive surgery. In internal medicine: Prevention and treatment of capillary hemorrhages of whatever origin or localization; hematuria, hematemesis, melena, metrorrhagia, primary or IUD-related menorrhagia , epistaxis, gingivorr¬hagia. In pediatrics: Prevention of periventricular hemorrhages in premature babies.



Adults: Presurgical: 1-2 ampoules ix, or i.m. 1 hoitr before surgery. Persurgical: 1-2 ampoules iv. Repeat the dosage if necessary. Postsurgical: 1-2 ampoules (1-2 tablets). Repeat every 4-6 hours as long as the bleeding risk persists. Emergency cases, according to the severity of the case:1-2 ampoules ix. or i.m. Repeat every 4-6 hours as long as the risk of bleeding persists. Local treatment: soak a swab with the content of an ampoule and apply to hemorrhagic area, or in the tooth socket after dental extraction. The application may be repeated when necessary; it may be associated with oral or parenteral administration. Children: half the adult dose. Pediatrics: 10 mg per kg body weight (0.1 mk12.5 mg) injected intramuscularly within 2 hours after birth then every 6 hours for 4 days. DICYNONE 500

Adults: Postsurgical: 1 tablet, repeat every 4-6 hours as long as the bleeding risk persists. Internal medicine: generally, 2-3 tablets daily; the duration of treatment depends on the results. Gynecology, in meno-metrorrhagia: from the fifth day before the expected onset of the menstrual period 3 tablets daily for 10 days.

Children: half the adult dose.


1-Documents Section

Finally, we compare ethamsylate with other recent hemostatic agents. Ethamsylate as a hemostatic agent, a well-tolerated drug, particularly useful in dysfunctional uterine bleeding when contraception is not needed.

* Guidelines to the management of epistaxis. * Hypersensitivity to tranexamic acid: a wide spectrum of adverse reactions.

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Q & A
Is Dicynone safe for patients taking Asprin?

Yes, Dicynone, Ethamsylate, doesn't interfere with the prostacycline synthase so no risk of Thrombosis. Also, Dicynone doesn't interfere with Aspirin and NSAIDS.

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