Relying on Science-Driven Innovations to Guarantee Affordability, Accessibility, and Quality

Minapharm has established highly competent process RnD and operations teams composed of highly talented Egyptian and international experts. Minapharm uses yeast and mammalian cell line platforms and is also the first African-based biotechnology company to initiate and successfully complete clinical trials for its own biosimilar in Europe.

Biologic API manufacturing process R&D team

  • 60+ members of whom 2/3women
  • All biologic API manufacturing processes are developed in house
  • R&D’s main focus is development of biosimilars and viral vectors
  • Run by highly skilled scientists (Egyptian and European) Expertise- mammalian and yeast cell lines, proteins and viral vectors and gene therapies
  • Already 7 self-developed and approved biologics

A Unique Strategic Business Model
The Only Gene To Market Company In The Region

Cell line development

Process development

Local API manufacturing

Finished products

Scientific Portfolio

More Than 150 Life-saving And Life-enhancing Products

We develop, manufacture and commercialize over 150 lifesaving and life-enhancing products ranging from small molecules to complex genetically engineered self-developed biologics.

Innovative Technologies

Empowering the Global Biotech Sector with Exclusive Technologies

Leveraging its Berlin subsidiary, ProBioGen AG, Minapharm offers inventive proprietary technologies to the worldwide biotech sphere. As a globally acclaimed CDMO, ProBioGen specializes in proteins, viral vectors, and cell therapy expertise.


Minapharm's Impressive Pipeline

Minapharm developed its own biologics pipeline to ensure quick and efficient processes for the research, trial, manufacture, and delivery of its lifesaving and life-enhancing products.