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Corneregel ® Ophthalmic Gel

Dexapanthenol for healing of corneal lesions.

Ingredient: 50 mg dexapanthenol & polyacrylic polymer
Multinational Partner: Bausch & Lomb
Launch Date: January 1, 2000
Pack: 5 gm gel tube

Product General

Disease Area

The eye is the organ of sight, a nearly spherical hollow globe filled with fluids (humors). The outer layer or tunic (sclera, or white, and cornea) is fibrous and protective. The middle tunic layer (choroid, ciliary body and the iris) is vascular. The innermost layer (the retina) is nervous or sensory. The fluids in the eye are divided by the lens into the vitreous humor (behind the lens) and the aqueous humor (in front of the lens). The lens itself is flexible and suspended by ligaments which allow it to change shape to focus light on the retina, which is composed of sensory neurons.

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  • Active ingredients: .1 g contains dexpanthenol SO mg, preserved with cetrimide 0.1 mg.
  • Other incredients: polyacrylic acid; disodium edetate.


Corneal erosions; supportive and post-treatment of all types of kerati¬tis, as-e. g. keratitis dendritica; scalds, burns; dystrophic corneal dis¬eases; prevention and treatment of corneal damage in wearers of con¬tact lenses.

Dosage and administration:

Unless otherwise prescribed and according to severity and mani-festation of complaints, instil I drop into'conjunctival sac 3-5 times or more frequently during day and before retiring for night. Do not use Corneregel whilst wearing contact lenses.

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