Press Release | June 07, 2000

Minapharm participation in the Farewell of Mr. Paul Derks




Mr. Paul Derks delivering his farewell speech

Dr. Bardissi extending his thanks to Mr. Derks

 MINAPHARM participated in the farewell party of Mr. Paul Derks, Country Manager, Janssen-Cilag, Egypt.
The event took place in the Cairo Sheraton Hotel in the presence of the staff members of Janssen-Cilag as well as all business partners.

In his speech, Mr. Derks thanked all those who have contributed to the great success achieved by Janssen-Cilag during the period of his management.
He specifically emphasized the role of Minapharm as a cornerstone in achieving such a success.

Dr. Bardissi extended his thanks to Mr. Derks for his cooperation as well as Dr. Wagdy for his dynamic role in creating a harmonious business relationship during that period.

Mr. Pieter Korst has been appointed to take over the responsibilities of Mr. Derks.