Press Release | October 04, 2023

SaudiVax, Minapharm, and MiGenTra Sign a Memorandum of Understanding towards a Strategic Partnership in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Countries

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia -- Cairo, Egypt -- Berlin, Germany – Oct 04th 2023

SaudiVax, a leading biopharmaceutical company in Saudi Arabia, Minapharm Pharmaceuticals, a premier biopharmaceutical company and global provider of proprietary technologies headquartered in Egypt with multiple subsidiaries in Berlin, and MiGenTra GmbH, a healthcare transforming medicines company headquartered in Berlin, today announced the signing on 26th September 2023 of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the companies to jointly pursue potential business opportunities in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Countries (Region). The partnership is intended to leverage the companies’ strengths, matching Minapharm’s and MiGenTra’s cutting-edge development and manufacturing technologies and translational experience of high-quality affordable bio-engineered products with SaudiVax’s industrial capabilities and commercial reach in the Region.

This landmark MOU marks a significant step towards ensuring national health security and achieving biomanufacturing autonomy in Saudi Arabia, ultimately contributing to the overall healthcare ecosystem. Together, the Parties are committed to advancing healthcare solutions and meeting the growing demand for high-quality biologics in the Region.

About SaudiVax

SaudiVax is a Saudi Biotech company pioneering the sector in the Kingdom to develop and locally manufacture animal-origin-free components for vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. SaudiVax is building the needed ecosystem to develop and manufacture a range of innovative products and providing contract development and manufacturing services. SaudiVax is proud of establishing the needed human capital as it provides trainees with scientific knowledge and experience in the fields of the biopharmaceutical industry. SaudiVax is working diligently with local government partners and industry experts to help shape the ecosystem in the Kingdom in alignment with Vision2030.

About Minapharm Pharmaceuticals

Minapharm Pharmaceuticals is a leading pharmaceutical company in Egypt and the Middle East and the premier biopharmaceutical company in Africa with over 20 years of experience in cellular and bioprocess engineering. Headquartered in Cairo, Minapharm commercializes over 100 life-saving and life-enhancing products ranging from small molecules to complex genetically engineered proteins, with an impressive immunotherapy pipeline. Together with its wholly-owned Berlin-based subsidiary, ProBioGen AG, a globally renowned CDMO and provider of innovative proprietary technologies in the fields of protein, viral and cell therapies to the global biotech industry at large, Minapharm has established an integrated business model making it to date the only gene-to-market biopharmaceutical company in the region. Minapharm employs a collective workforce of over 2,000 and is listed on the Cairo and Alexandria stock exchanges (Symbol: MIPH).

About MiGenTra GmbH

MiGenTra was founded in 2021 by ProBioGen AG and Minapharm Pharmaceuticals. By leveraging the scientific and manufacturing capabilities of parent companies, MiGenTra is dedicated to the end-to-end development and commercialization of quality affordable biologic medicines in the field of Biosimilars, Cell and Gene Therapies, and Vaccines to serve the needs of patients across Africa and the Middle East.

Minapharm Contact:

Dina Soliman

Director of Strategic Operations &

Business Development

MiGenTra Contact:

Frédéric Bouvier

Head Corporate Development,

Business Development & Licensing

SaudiVax Contact:

Hanin Nasir

Business Development Manager

Business Development