Press Release | April 19, 2007

ProBioGen, Germany and Minapharm, Egypt enter into development and co-promotion agreements


ProBioGen, Germany and Minapharm, Egypt enter into development and co-promotion agreements

Berlin and Cairo, 19 April 2007 – ProBioGen and Minapharm jointly announced today that they have entered into two separate agreements to develop two therapeutic proteins,; one exclusively for Minapharm and another second generation biopharmaceutical product for co-promotion.


In the first agreement, ProBioGen will apply its proven cell generation process for biopharmaceutical cell lines. Minapharm, via its subsidiary, Rhein-Minapharm-Biogenetics, will carry out the pertinent process research & development, production and commercialization of the target therapeutic proteins.


In the second agreement, ProBioGen and Minapharm will co-develop a second generation biopharmaceutical product using either ProBioGen’s pre-optimised CHO cell line or its proprietary Human Neuronal Cell Line AGE1.HN. Minapharm will exclusively market the product in Middle Eastern and African countries while ProBioGen will have promotional rights in the rest of the World. Both companies will also share the revenue from the product. Further financial details are not disclosed.


“These two agreements provide a very strong bond between our two companies and represent a significant step forward in the development of our company with access to product revenue in major markets such as Europe, America and Japan.” said Michael Schlenk, CEO of ProBioGen.


Dr. Wafik Bardissi, CEO of Minapharm added,This event further substantiates Minapharm’s position at the regional forefront of research, development and marketing of innovative recombinant DNA products. It also coincides with the German-Egyptian Year of Science and Technology “2007” designated by both governments while strengthening tides between our company and one of the leading German biotech companies.”

ProBioGen AG is a specialist in cell line design, viral vectors, and manufacturing of glycoproteins for the biopharmaceutical industry. The German biotechnology company is headquartered in Berlin.
Its range of products and services include the development of highly productive cell lines, the design of novel cell lines from primary tissue, the manufacture of glycoproteins for clinical studies and R & D, as well as the production of viral vectors and antibodies for in vitro diagnostics.
ProBioGen possesses the manufacturing authorization for pharmaceutical active substances to be used in clinical studies and meets the quality standards recommended by the EU (EMEA) and the FDA. A certified cGMP multipurpose facility is available for contract manufacturing of biopharmaceutical active substances.
The Company is specialized in mammalian cells and combines the know-how of molecular biology scientists with the experience of experts in cell culture technology and process engineering.
ProBioGen thus accompanies its clients from the early development of product candidates up to late clinical testing phase.


Minapharm, headquartered in Cairo with its production facilities in the tenth of Ramadan, is among the leading prescription medicine companies in Egypt and the Middle East. The company is specialized in the manufacture and marketing of innovative pharmaceuticals and through its subsidiary Rhein-Minapharm-Biogenetics, in the research, development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. Its biotech subsidiary is focussing on the core therapeutic areas of liver disease and thrombosis & haemostasis. With three therapeutic proteins already marketed and several in the pipeline.
Minapharm’s competence lies in decreasing time to market without compromising ethical and safety standards.
By combining its expertise in pharmaceuticals and leadership in biopharmaceuticals Minapharm, along with its worldwide strategic alliances, contributes significantly to the quality of life of many people in the region.
Minapharm employs a collective workforce of over 700 and is listed on the Cairo and Alexandria stock exchange ( Symbol: MIPH )



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