Press Release | August 01, 2004

Rhein Minapharm introduces the 1st Biogenetics Line in the Middle East


Rhein Minapharm introduces the 1st Biogenetics Line
in the Middle East


In accordance to Minapharm’s mission in providing innovative quality products to patients in developing countries, Minapharm established a joint venture with Rhein Biotech Germany, “Rhein Minapharm”. This joint venture is based on Rhein Biotech’s technological expertise and Minapharm’s marketing and pharmaceutical experience.

Rhein Minapharm is a subsidiary of Minapharm, devoted to the development, manufacturing and commercialization of biopharmaceutical immune modulators and cytokines.

A key success factor for Rhein Minapharm is the construction of new multi-purpose manufacturing facilities to meet the capacity demands and the regional standards using the latest high tech production processes. With its products, Rhein Minapharm is well positioned to pursue its local and regional strategy. A separate up-to-date building has been constructed for the Biotech Project (2003), complying with all GMP, WHO & FDA specifications.

Rhein Biotech is a globally active biotech company and the world~s 3rd largest Hepatitis B vaccine manufacturer. It has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, initially on the Neuer Markt-RBO, and on the Geregelter Markt segment. Minapharm is listed in the stock exchange of Cairo and Alexandria, EG-MINPH, and is among the top 10 prescription companies in Egypt and the Middle East