Press Release | January 01, 2004


Minapharm~s Organisational Innovations at the forefront

Famous American magazine PC Artificial Intelligence has published an article written by Dr Wafik Bardissi ( Minapharm~s executive vice president and researcher at Strathclyde university in Glasgow ) and Dr Chris Huyck ( senior lecturer of computing science, Middlesex university ). The article describes the use of artificial intelligence technology in manufacturing. The joint research project has contributed to yearly 5-digit cost reductions for one of Minapharm~s top-selling drugs. Implementation on other products is ongoing and expected to yield similar results.

This application comes as part of a big project supervised by Strathclyde University to use the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques in various business processes. A coherent knowledge management structure is envisaged to act as the facilitator and a performance measurement framework is designed to validate the model.
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