Press Release | December 14, 2006

Minapharm / Pierre Fabre Medicament Ossopan 800 Launching Training

  Minapharm / Pierre Fabre Ossopan 800 Training

The training took place in Palmera (Ein El-Soukhna)  on December 14-16 2006.

The place is characterized by its marvelous view on the red sea and motivating spirit.


The aim of this training was to provide both marketing and sales team with Ossopan 800 product knowledge and recent clinical trials, future plans based upon long term strategy for promoting Ossopan 800 in the treatment of osteoporosis.




The training was delivered through professional presentations concerning the last updates about osteoporosis, Egyptian market overview and finally product knowledge with the recent clinical trials that illustrate the product~s  high efficacy. 



The training was followed by social gathering for the whole team aiming at free exchange of ideas and experiance, encouraging the team to start working with a highly motivated spirit.