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Saving Lives Through Strategic Business Partnerships

Minapharm is a leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company in Africa and the Middle East with over six decades of experience in advancing healthcare accessibility within the region. Striking the balance between innovation and affordability is our primary mission that is achieved through our end-to-end development and manufacturing technologies as well as our commercial excellence.

Partnerships has long formed the cornerstone of our strategy and success. Since its inception, Minapharm has forged strategic multi-alliances with global partners in Europe, the US and Japan to in-license and transfer cutting-edge technologies. This approach enabled Minapharm to capitalize on these technologies to provide advanced therapies and stand as a manufacturing and commercial hub in the region.

Furthermore, Minapharm is dedicated to effectively tackle the challenges posed by unmet medical need in developing markets. Through collaborative regional partnerships we are ensuring access to innovative and cost-efficient molecules for millions of patients across the region.

Our Partners

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Partnering Solutions

Minapharm has successfully built and integrated a wide range of capabilities spanning the value chain. This approach empowers the company to serve as a one stop shop for diverse strategic partners through customized business models and services that include the following:

  • In-Licensing
  • Manufacturing & Tech transfers
  • Process & Product development
  • Regulatory services
  • Local & regional distribution
  • Supply chain & Logistics
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Regional Market Access & Commercialization
  • Medical Affairs & PV
  • Out-licensing
Development & Manufacturing Technologies

Minapharm is at the Forefront of the Latest Technology

Backed by decades of expertise, Minapharm established in-house capabilities in the development & manufacturing of technically complex yet cost-efficient treatments across the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical platforms.

Pharmaceutical Solutions

Minapharm has developed a small molecules portfolio consisting of innovative galenic formulations and drug combinations tailored to address significant gaps in markets predominantly saturated with generics and me-too products, which often lack substantial innovation.

Today, Minapharm is able to offer development & manufacturing solutions across a wide variety of dosage forms including the following:

End-to-end Biopharmaceutical Solutions

Embarked on its biotech journey in the late 90’s, Minapharm has established Egypt’s first biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility and R&D platform to develop and manufacture therapeutic recombinant proteins. We created with our two German subsidiaries a unique business model that encompasses the full value chain from the cell line all the way to the finished product allowing significant cost reduction.

Today, Minapharm continues to venture into the future by developing new treatment including complex immunotherapies, and by offering solutions that include:

International markets

Seeking Regional Partners to Advance the Accessibility of Innovative Treatments

Minapharm successfully established a platform with diverse technologies while owning the entire value chain. this allows to effectively tackle the challenges posed by unmet medical need and provides access to innovative next generation therapies and cost-efficient molecules for millions of patients across the region.

Minapharm’s unique products and technologies are regionally distributed and/or out-licensed through our network of local partners.


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