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Minapharm: Transforming medicine

Foreign Policy | Sept, 2018

Minapharm is leading the health-care industry in Egypt toward biotechnology and advanced therapy medicinal products.

netically engineered products and next-generation advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs).

While the focus in Egypt is still on small molecules, Minapharm...


Minapharm Pharmaceuticals: Innovation Made Affordable

Arabian Business | DEC, 2017

Endorsed by its favourable logistical positioning, cost-efficient production scheme and advantageous trade agreements, Egypt is considered a key pharmaceutical hub for the Middle East, Europe and Africa...


Minapharm featured in Time Magazine: Chairman and CEO discusses future opportunities in MENA region and beyond

Time Magazine | DEC, 2016

As a prominent base for the manufacture of both new and generic pharmaceuticals, Egypt is an easy stepping stone from which to enter the fast-growing African market. At the forefront of this revolution is Minapharm, with one of the broadest high-quality product portfolios in the industry...


وزير الإستثمار تُكَرِم شركة مينافارم للأدوية ضمن أفضل الشركات العاملة فى مصر خلال 2017

أموال الغد | 1 فبراير 2018

كرمت الدكتورة سحر نصر وزير الإستثمار والتعاون الدولي نيابة عن رئيس مجلس الوزراء المهندس شريف إسماعيل شركة مينافارم للأدوية كواحدة من أفضل الشركات العاملة في مصر لعام 7201، وذلك وفقاً للإستطلاع الذى أجرته مؤسسة “أموال الغد” الإقتصادية المتخصصة بالتعاون مع مجموعة من بنوك الإستثمار لتصنيف أفضل 100 شركة أداء في السوق المصرية...


60 years of experience in pharma and the future of innovative and affordable biotechnology products discussed with the Guardian

The Guardian | June 27, 2016

With 50 years’ experience and regional leadership in the pharmaceutical industry, MINAPHARM is constantly striving to provide innovative quality medicines and services to patients in developing countries...


Minapharm, a pioneer in the biotech industry and in bringing biosimilars to Egypt

Ten years after his first interview with Focus Reports, Wafik Bardissi discusses Minapharm’s position as the leading biosimilar manufacturer in the Middle East...


To Pharmaceutical Executive: Minapharm discusses its debut in the biotech industry 20 years ago, and unveils development plans of immunotherapy products

Since most domestic pharma companies and the national drug authorities are preoccupied with today’s pharma challenges (pricing, competition, etc.), limited attention has been given to developing strategies to accommodate growing demand for biologics...


To Newsweek: Minapharm from local pharma to global provider of intelligent technologies to the biotech industry

Despite political unrest over the last five years, the pharma sector has witnessed significant growth, driven by the large population and high demand. Consumption of innovative pharmaceuticals and complex recombinant or genetically engineered products, however, is incompatible with demand...


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