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Scientific Event Details

Pediatric Asthma Phenotypes and Endotypes in the 21st Century

Pediatric Asthma Phenotypes and Endotypes in the 21st Century were discussed in a meeting organized by MINAPHARM. This was Expert Panel No. 54, held in Marriott Hotel.

Scientific Topics

• Pediatric Asthma Phenotypes and Endotypes in the 21st Century. • Interactive Case Presentation.

The Event Chairman

Prof. Ahmed EL-Saeed YOUNIS

The Event Moderator

Prof. Mona EL-FALAKI (Professor of Pediatric Allergy & Pulmonology, Head of Pediatric Allergy & Pulmonology Unit Cairo University)

presented a talk “Pediatric Asthma Phenotypes & Endotypes in the 21st Century” with 2 case presentations and presented 3 questions for each panelist, she highlighted on:  The difference between Phenotypes & Endotypes.  How to use them to diagnose Asthma treatment & Prevention.  Different Asthma Endotypes and the relationship between different asthma endotypes.  Different Asthma Phenotypes and the inflammatory markers of Asthma.  The prevalence of Asthma has been increased highlighting that maternal smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of recurrent wheezing during the first years of life.  The role of viral infections and their impact on Asthma.  New updates in the GINA guidelines.


Prof. Magda EL-SEIFY (Professors of Pediatrics Ain Shams University)
Prof. Tharwat DERAZ (Professors of Pediatrics Ain Shams University)


The meeting was a great opportunity to exchange medical experience between the professors and the audience. The meeting concluded that Broncho-Vaxom® is an effective prophylactic measure widely used by pediatricians in upper and lower respiratory tract infections, especially in preschool children nowadays.

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