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Scientific Event Details

ProBioGen - MINAPHARM - OM Pharma - “Biological Technologies; Managing Fertility & Prophylaxis of Recurrent UTIs” in Berlin

The Therapeutic focus of Minapharm in the field of gynecology encouraged this meeting organization, in collaboration with OM Pharma & ProBioGen, presenting a unique advanced business model, providing technology solutions to the world through cell-engineering. The latest updates in the field of Gynecology and the management of infertility were presented in the incident of Gonapure establishment in market. OM Pharma which has unique expertise in the area of immunology with its well established product portfolio for prevention of infectious diseases, in collaboration with MINAPHARM, presented the most recent biological in the prophylaxis of RUTIs. The doctors were impressed by the scientific meeting, and with the discussed topics, which were up-to -date, and discussed important debates with a practical point of view. As an overall feedback, Doctors perceived Minapharm as a reputable company with high experience in biotechnology, with therapeutic focus in Gynecology, offering innovative products to the pharmaceutical market.

Scientific Topics

Welcome and Introduction. “Sex on a chip” – new frontiers in human reproduction biology in vitro. “Biologicals in the prophylaxis of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections” “Accelerating GMP manufacturing yields and economics of therapeutic FSH. A case study supporting broader patient reach” “Molecular Structure and biology of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)”

The Event Chairman

Dr. Wieland Wolf, CEO, Probiogen

Dr. Wieland has welcomed around forty Egyptian guests and speciality leaders in Gyneacology & especially in Infertility. - Most of these doctors are professors of Gynecology in Ain Shams , Kasr El Ainy, Azhar , Tanta, Zagazig ,Suez Canal, Mansoura and Alexandria Universities. -He highlighted that Minapharm has acquired Probiogen, one of the leader companies in biotechnology and cellular engineering among the world.


Dr.Uwe Marx, Technische Universitaet Berlin
Dr.Volker Sandig, Probiogen
Dr. Béla Köves, Dept. of Urology, Jahn Ferenc South-Pest Hospital, Budapest, Hungary”
Dr. Jan Rhode, Rhein Minapharm Biogentics


The stand-alone meeting on Biological Technologies, in Berlin, was very successful. Thanks for our honorable guests, who discussed updated topics in infertility that impressed our reputable guests. This meeting established the vision of Minapharm, in finding innovative solutions for fertility problems & prevention of infectious diseases, in the challenging world of gynecology.    
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