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Scientific Event Details

CVI & Hemorrhoids; Latest Updates - Meet the Expert 274

CVI & Hemorrhoids are among the most widely spread vascular diseases in Egypt thus this event was organized by Minapharm to discuss the latest updates available for the management of such conditions.

Scientific Topics

Venotonic Drugs; An Update Hemorrhoidal Disease in Special Situations

The Event Chairman

Dr Mamdouh Kotb

Prof Mamdouh Kotb stressed the importance of properly diagnosing CVI to be able to provide the right treatment at the right time. Among different therapies approved for CVI, Doxium is considered amidst the most reliable choices for the management of CVI cases in terms of efficacy and safety.

The Event Moderator

Prof. Dr Khaled Said

Hemorrhoidal Disease in Special Situations Prof Dr Khaled Said prepared an interactive presentation regarding hemorrhoids in special situations such as pregnancy, obstructed defecation, cirrhosis & portal hypertension in addition to thrombosed internal hemorrhoids.


Dr Ahmed Hussein
Dr Mohamed Saad
Dr Mohamed Abdelsalam
Dr Mohamed Mazloum


Minapharm is offering a complete portfolio for all hemorrhoidal severities & CVI even in special situations and Doxium itself is distinguished among venotonic drugs by its exclusive mechanism of action tailored for CVI and hemorrhoids patients.

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