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Scientific Event Details

New Horizons in Sport Medicine

New Horizons in sport medicine were discussed in a meeting organized by Minapharm. This was Meet the Expert No. 271, held in Sonesta Cairo hotel. It was the annual gathering meeting of most eminent sport medicine doctors in Egypt and also from all over Africa.

Scientific Topics

-Different Approaches in Management of Back Pain.
-New Modalities of Imaging in Diagnosis of Sport Injuries
-Clinical Importance of Cardiopulmonary Function Testing
-Early Management of Sport Injuries.
-Nutrition for Sport and Performance.
-Early Sport Injuries Prevention.
-Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes.

The Event Chairman

• Prof. Sayed KHASHBA (Head of sport medicine society and member of African sport medicine society)

He welcomed all the attendees from all over Africa. He emphasized how these kind of meetings enrich the knowledge and experience of the sport medicine practices. He also expressed his gratitude for the outstanding organization of the meeting by MINAPHARM.

• Prof. Constant ROUX (UAMS President-FIMS Vice-President (Africa)

He expressed how this meeting is a great opportunity for all sport medicine doctors .He detailed how Egyptian sport medicine doctors can actively participate in the upcoming African activities and meetings.


• Prof. Magdy ELSABAGH (Sports medicine director of Egyptian Olympic Center)
• Prof. Alaa BALBAA (Head of Egyptian society of physiotherapy)
• Prof. Sherif Azmy (Nutrition & Pain Consultant Nasser Health Institute & UAMS Board Member, ZAMALEK Football First Team Nutrition Consultant)
• Prof. Alaa El Zoheiry (Head of Egyptian society of orthopedic surgery)
• Dr.Emad HEFNAWI (Member of African sport medicine)


The meeting was a great opportunity to exchange medical experience between the professors and the audience. The meeting concluded that SRILANE® cream is an effective muscle relaxant treatment for all types musculoskeletal muscle spasm. Also the importance of Ossopan®  as a unique biological calcium supplement for both osteoporotic patients  and sport injured patients suffering from micro fractures.

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