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Our longstanding expertise covers a broad spectrum of medicines, from small molecules to extremely complex bioengineered proteins. Our mission is to face more complex challenges of unmet medical needs in developing countries. In the emerging world, almost two decades ago, MINAPHARM has exploited the convergence of opportunities and interests in Pharmacy and Biotechnology. At MINAPHARM, we have sought early to discover that Pharma and Biotechnology are more alike than different and are aligning both in pursuit of new proprietary drugs, cost-effective biosimilars, innovative pharmaceutical galenic formulations and new delivery systems. Our biotech subsidiary, Rhein–Minapharm is a leading biotech company with focus on process development and manufacturing of genetically engineered recombinant proteins for Egypt and the MENA region. Recent advances in our pharma and biotech portfolio have enabled convergence of opportunities and interests, as each sector refines its strategic focus. To deliver on our mission, we challenge the status quo and think outside of, and well beyond, prevailing perspectives to bring additional product offerings to our target health care markets.

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El-Bardissi St., 2T Takseem Asmaa Fahmy St., Heliopolis,
Cairo - Egypt.
Phone:(+202) 2414-3170/1/2/3/4/5
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